Win a Trip for Two to New Zealand by Tweeting

Wouldn’t you like a free trip for two to New Zealand?  If so, what you need to do is send a tweet describing a Brancott wine and include the tag #WhatIf in your tweet.

Entries are scored with half the score being given for the creativity of your submission and the other half on its persuasiveness.  And – like all tweets, you’ve got a maximum of 140 characters to do this (including 7 characters for the #WhatIf hashtag).

Their promotional description says

Every bottle of [wine] tells a story: a story of passion, of tradition, and of careful care of the earth.  Tell us what the bottle tells you, and you may find yourself in New Zealand.  Simply use your nose, your palate and your Twitter account to give us your best description of a Brancott wine.

There are probably some broad hints in that paragraph about what they are looking for in entries.

Brancott wines are – unsurprisingly – from New Zealand.  You can see more on their ridiculously pretentious website that starts off with the nonsense of asking you to enter in a date of birth and country you are visiting from so as to confirm you are over 21.  I’m sure anyone under the age of 21 would voluntarily ‘fess up and be turned away by this ‘security’ (makes you wonder if it was designed by a former TSA official).

 But suffice it to say they are well known for their Sauvignon Blanc wines in particular, and also make Pinot Grigio and Pinot Noir, and over the many years since the winery was established (formerly known as Marlborough) they have won many awards.  I guess the winery hopes you may do some practical research by buying and drinking some of their wine, and far be it from me to dissuade you from that activity!  NZ’s Sauvignon Blanc wines all taste quite similar to one another (okay, so I’m over simplifying) and all are very distinctive due to NZ’s tendency to ‘back blend’ some grape juice into the wine, giving it a much fresher fruitier flavor than similar wines from other countries.

The competition is open to US residents over the age of 21.  Note that you can increase your chances by tweeting multiple entries – but no more than one per day (per twitter account).  The competition closes on 13 June, so you could get as many as 14 entries sent off between now and then (assuming you, ahem, only have one Twitter account).  More details on their [ugh] Facebook page, which alas you can only access if you are a Facebook member.  But all you need to know is in this message.


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