Netflix Video Streaming – A Revolutionary App and Internet Paradigm Shifter

Netflix2b In late November last year, Netflix announced a new way to watch movies.  They will stream movies to you instantly – you choose from over 20,000 different movies and television episodes, and within seconds of making your choice, the movie starts to play on your television (or computer monitor or iPad or iPhone).  Amazingly, the movie will be in good quality video and full size on your screen, more like a DVD than the tiny Youtube videos we have become accustomed to.

Please be prepared for much more amazement.  Netflix will allow you unlimited movie screening.  If you wish to, you can screen movies nonstop, 24/7, all for one flat monthly fee.

You should sit down before the final revelation.  The cost of this service?  $8/month.  That is surely an overwhelmingly compelling value proposition, for all of us.

If you don't already have an interface/converter box to connect between the internet and your television, you can get one for as little as $50.

This truly is, as the headline suggests, a revolutionary new use for the internet and definitely a paradigm shifter.

Want to know more?  Please visit my complete two part review all about Netflix video streaming – what is is, what it does, and how to get it up and running in your home too.

3 thoughts on “Netflix Video Streaming – A Revolutionary App and Internet Paradigm Shifter”

  1. Thanks for the great article on Netflix and their streaming services.
    There are two other advantages to Netflix and the Roku player that I think you should mention:
    1. Not only do you not have to sign a long term contract, but you can suspend your service very easily when you know you will be away from home. This also save a few $$’s. You can set the return date and Netflix will activate your streaming automatically. No hassel, no problems, and no need to spend time on hold waiting for customer service. Their flexibility makes Netflix a real winner, IMHO.
    2. Roku offers many other channels, many for free, on their device. Most are rather poor, IMHO, but during the recent unrest in Egypt, I was able to watch Al Jezeera’s coverage using my Roku box, and it was free. While nobody will accuse Al Jazeera of being an American apologist, their coverage was very good, defintely different than that of western countries, and better than any I saw in the USA.
    Just a few thoughts.

  2. Hi David, a note about Netflix streaming.
    I found that the picture breaks up on my IPad, so I have been told I need to upgrade my DSL. What I don’t understand is that I can view them well on my (non-wireless) PC. I do love the product and they have wonderful CS.

  3. Hi, Suzanne
    That’s an interesting issue you have. What speed is your DSL? Try checking it from your PC using a website such as . And also check the speed from your iPad with an app such as Speed Test.
    If there’s a big difference in speed, maybe you need a faster Wi-Fi hub rather than faster DSL.

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