Protecting our Airports Will Make Our Lives More Dangerous, Rather than More Safe

Airportguards1b Following on from the airport bombing in Moscow earlier this week, and with an obvious inevitability, all the usual talking heads have erupted into a predictable clamor of commentary about ‘the need to make our airports safer’.

But let’s consider the facts instead of allowing empty emotion to cloud our vision.  The facts show that rather than being a huge vulnerability which terrorists are rushing to exploit, airports are not even ‘the first among equals’ but rather are neither more vulnerable than, nor more frequently attacked than, many other parts of any country’s infrastructure.

In my latest article, I detail the specifics of this, and arrive at a conclusion that will surprise the talking heads.  Protecting our airports will make our lives more dangerous rather than more safe.

Can you guess why?  Go read the article to find out why protecting our airports will make our lives more dangerous, rather than more safe.

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