Link fix and Invitation to My 55th Birthday Party

1.  Link corrections

The message I sent out yesterday introducing the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute article series had some bad links in it.  My fault, and my apology.  The blog entry itself has been corrected, the email you received of course can't now be changed.

Here is a direct link to the blog entry with the now correct links.

Birthdaycakeb 2.  My 55th birthday

Gulp.  55.  Where have the years gone – a question many of us ask ourselves at least once a year!

I spent my 50th birthday memorably with a group of Travel Insiders in New Zealand,  For my 55th, I'd like to share it again with as many of you as may wish to come join me.  But this time, not in New Zealand.

Instead, and following on from yesterday's commentary about Front Sight, I have now selected the dates for the official 'Travel Insider' Four Day Defensive Handgun Course.  This will be Monday – Thursday, 25 – 28 October, with the last day offering us dual reasons to celebrate, it being both the end of course and my birthday.  (To add further to the celebratory factor, one of the Travel Insiders joining us has his birthday on Monday 25th.)

I'm not sure if these events will require me buying you drinks or you buying me drinks, but for sure some celebrating will be undertaken.

Here are the details.

I'm flying to Las Vegas and then driving on to Pahrump on Sunday 24 October, where I'll spend four nights at the Best Western.  The Best Western is my preferred of the three hotels in Pahrump, although if you decided to stay in Vegas for the whole time (one other attendee has already indicated he will probably do this) you're not adding a great deal extra commute time each day.

On Thursday 28th, I'll check out of the Best Western in the morning, and at the conclusion of the Front Sight course in the late afternoon, will drive to the Silverton Casino close to the airport on the Pahrump side of Las Vegas, for a birthday and end of course celebration (followed by a mid-morning flight home on Friday 29th).

Please let me know if you can join us, and be sure to grab some of the $99 Front Sight course certificates as soon as possible before they all go.


2 thoughts on “Link fix and Invitation to My 55th Birthday Party”

  1. David,
    Once a $99 certificate is purchased, am I right in assuming I can go on any weekday classes that Front Site offers? I’d like to bring my daughter and she won’t be home from college until Dec.

  2. Hi, Marianne
    Yes, you can use it for any of the four weekday defensive handgun classes at any time into the future. The certificates are open dated, don’t expire, and are transferable.
    We had other mother/daughter people present at my last course, and even one father/daughter pair too.

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