Amazing 50% Savings – Short Term Summer Sale at Pro Travel Gear

Wow!  From now through Sunday midnight
(Eastern time) you can get an extra 50% off everything in Pro Travel
Gear's already discounted Summer Sale
, but only if you use a special
Travel Insider discount code – 'tisale' (without the quotes).

Go to the

Summer Sale page on their website
.  You'll see 16 pages of
generally travel and travel electronic type items, all already massively

Now for the special magic – use the
special 'tisale' (without the quotes) code when checking out and you'll
get another 50% off these already low prices
.  Note that this
amazing deal is limited to stock on hand only – when they sell out, the
product goes off sale.

For example, the 'Pink' model Plane Quiet
noise cancelling headphones that normally list for $99.95 have already
been already reduced to $54.95 in the summer sale (see page 11 on their
site).  Use the tisale discount code and they are yours for $27.48
– how amazing is that!

Another amazing deal I spotted is a pair of
TSA compliant luggage locks.  Normally selling for an admittedly
overpriced $15.99, the summer sale drops them in price to $5.48, and
with your extra 50% discount, you get two locks for a mere $2.74. 
What a deal!

I also noted that the helpful Eagle Creek
Pack It cubes are on sale on page 5 and page 10, a travel coffee French
press on page 8, and – oh, heck, you get the idea already, I'm sure!

The sale applies to all the items on the 16
pages of their summer sale, plus the items featured in the right hand
panels on the pages too.

In addition, Pro Travel Gear also have some
incredible prices on the entire range of Ex Officio travel wear (link on
the left hand side of their pages) – saving you up to 70% off regular
retail pricing, but these prices don't then qualify for a further 50%. 
(Some Ex Officio items are in the summer sale too, like a pair of
convertible trousers/shorts on page 9 – originally $65, reduced to $30,
and yours for only $15).

This is a bona fide sale from a bona fide
company.  I have known the owner of Pro Travel Gear – David
Dillinger – for close on a decade, and he is also the person responsible
for the Plane Quiet range of noise cancelling headphones (and, in his
'spare time', a pilot with one of the major US airlines too!).  He
has once or twice in the past done a similar clear-out type sale in
partnership with The Travel Insider, so you can buy with confidence from
his company and his site.

Your confidence can be increased still
further by their 100% satisfaction guarantee, allowing you to return
anything for a full refund if you're not happy with it.

Three comments/suggestions about this
tremendous deal :

  • First, when a similar sale occurred in the past,
    Travel Insider readers overloaded their server!  So if things are a bit
    slow when you visit the site, please bear with things or (if during normal
    business hours) call their (800) number.

  • Second, this is a sale limited only to stock on
    hand.  In the past, Travel Insider readers have swooped in like
    vultures and cleared his shelves of much of the product he has in the first
    day or so of the sale, so I highly recommend you click over to his online
    store right now and see what you might want to take.

  • Third, noting the other two points, you are
    welcome to tell your friends about this too, but perhaps you might want to
    first go buy anything you want so your friends don't get there before you!

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