More BA/LHR strike problems 18May-10June

Bad news for people hoping to fly on BA services (primarily to/from Heathrow) any time between 18 May and 10 June.

Now that the British election is over, its cabin crew union, Unite, has taken the gloves off and is back on the warpath.  They have announced a series of four strikes, each of five days duration, and with a one day break between each five day strike.

The one day breaks between strikes are unlikely to allow for much service to be operated by BA, because planes will likely be out of position all around the world.

BA are putting a brave face on things, and for sure, they did continue to operate a decent chunk of their flights when the earlier strikes were mounted in March.  They say that they intend to operate all their flights from Gatwick and London City airports.  As for Heathrow, their current official statement promises

At Heathrow we plan to operate a substantial part of our longhaul schedule and there will be a number of daily flights to every destination across our shorthaul network.

We are speaking to a number of carriers about leasing in extra aircraft to support our shorthaul schedule and also obtaining thousands of seats from other airlines to help our customers rebook if their original flight is cancelled.

We will give more details four or five days before the strike is due to begin when we will announce the exact details of our revised Heathrow schedule.

So if you’re planning on traveling through Heathrow on BA, you’ll need to keep abreast of what they’ll do to get you where you need to go.

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