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Occasionally each year, we offer special touring opportunities to our readers, giving you a chance to travel somewhere together with other like-minded fellow Travel Insiders, and usually accompanied by Travel Insider David Rowell himself.  Indeed, one of the best features of our touring is the great group of people you get to share the touring with – usually interesting and successful people, often but not always retired, and with plenty of past travel experiences.

Our group travel is quite unlike traditional group travel experiences.  We keep the schedule’s flexibility as high as possible.  For example, if weather changes, or if the group as a whole wish to substitute something for something else, then – if at all possible – we’ll adapt, adopt and improve to ensure the best experience for the group, based on the varying situation and circumstances as they unfold.  If the schedule allows, of course we’ll add impromptu photo stops on request.  And so on.

We also never over-fill the coaches we use.  Typically our coaches are no more than two-thirds full, giving people who are traveling alone or who wish a double seat to themselves plenty of room to spread out, and meaning no-one has to suffer a bad seat (eg with a wheel well directly in front).

Where possible, we add some special extra features and experiences into our touring to further enhance your overall experience.

In the past we’ve had tours to many different parts of the world, ranging from Russia and China (and even North Korea) to Scotland’s Islands; from New Zealand to Turkey, and through much/most of western and eastern Europe.

In the future, who knows!  If you have requests or suggestions, by all means let us know.

Here is the schedule of up-coming tours that we plan to operate.


Tour Dates Status
Christmas Markets ‘Cruise’ December 2018 Our popular Christmas Markets river cruise along the Rhine or Danube is back again for 2018 – but in a very different form.

We’re calling it a ‘land cruise’, and we’ll go places the river boats can’t, while giving you a much better experience and value, too.  Instead of a week on a river cruise ship, we’re going to spend a week in Lille, France, with daily excursions to lovely towns and villages in Northern France and Belgium, and an optional extension on to Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, and even Lichtenstein if you wish, too.

This will be from 9 December (or earlier for the pre-tour) for 7 – 10 days.

Available to join now

Two UK Land Cruises June 2019 We’re offering two one week “land cruises” in England – one based in the Cotswolds and the other in York.

Each has you staying in a central location for a full week with daily touring around the region.  Plus there are optional pre and post tour extensions available too.

Available to join now

Christmas Markets December 2019 Details to be advised probably late 2018.


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