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St Malo Section of the Tour

Here are some collections of the pictures I took in France.  I’m not really a very committed photographer, as you can see in the rather haphazard nature of what I did and didn’t photograph, but there are some pictures of all of us as well as various sites and scenes.  Help yourself to any pictures you wish.  And if you have any to share in turn, that would be great.

Click any image to see a larger version.  Right click the larger version to download a full size copy.  Ask if any questions, of course.


Mont St Michel and the coast

Welcome Dinner in St Malo

Views around the town of St Malo

Glorious cathedral in Cholet

I saw this cathedral on the other side of the square from where we had lunch on the day we went from St Malo to Tours.  Alas, no time to go inside, but it looked glorious from the outside.

Kim’s Castle (Château de l’Ebaupinay)

I’m sorry, but it seems I was more focused on the coach driving up the dirt track than on the castle!  Mea culpa.  I hope others have some great castle photos, especially when Kim sang.


Saumur Winery Grapes

A couple of pictures of the Cabernet Franc grapes, ready to be harvested on the vines.

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