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Thank you for your interest in helping The Travel Insider and in possibly bidding on some of our auctioned products.

In order to bid on any of our auctions, you need to create an account on our site.  Fortunately, that is quick, simple, and unobtrusive – all we ask is your preferred user ID, your name, and your email – oh yes, and a password too.  Once you’ve filled out the sign up form, the system instantly sends you an email to the email address you supplied.  Click on the confirming link in that email and that validates you.

If you don’t get the email within a minute (the email is sent instantly, you should get it in only a very few seconds), please refresh your email program then check your spam and bulk folders.  You’ll find the email there.  If you don’t find it there, you probably miss-typed your email address in the sign-up process.  So simply try signing up again.

You can create your account here.

Once you are set up on the site, you can then move forward to view the auctions and – hopefully – bid on them.

Okay, so our system isn’t as sophisticated as eBay, alas.  Here’s what you need to know :

Your bid amount will be whatever you enter.  Unlike eBay, that overcomplicates things by hiding the winning bidder’s maximum bid and only shows his bid that is higher than the next highest bid, our system shows the current highest bid.  If you’re interested in the product, enter in any number greater than the minimum bid increase, and that becomes the new high bid.

Please be careful with this.  If an item is listed for $50 with a minimum bid increment of $5, you could become the new high bidder by simply entering $55.  If you enter $555 instead, that doesn’t mean your bid goes first to $55 then automatically re-ups if other people outbid you.  It means that the price of the auction and your bid goes instantly to $555!  Ooops.

So bid a reasonable amount, and then keep an eye on your email.  If you’re outbid, you’ll get an email telling you, and you can return back to bid again, if you wish to.

If you think you’re winning, it would still pay to check back shortly before the auction expires, just to make sure that you’ve now missed any email advices about being outbid.

Here’s the auction page.

Now for some fine print.  Please do carefully read the fine print, too.

  1.  The auction closing time should be considered as the first ‘Going’ of a live auctioneer saying ‘Do I hear any further bids?  The lot is going….. going….. gone’.  When an auction closes, we’ll quickly email to the next highest bidder giving them a chance to respond to the bid at the end of the auction, and, if necessary, then to the auction winner, until such time as we’ve given everyone a chance to truly make their final offer.  We do this simply because we understand some people are unable to re-up their bid at the last minute.

  2.  Prompt payment is requested for auctions, either through credit card/Paypal or bank wire (these days most of our online banking accounts enable us to easily and instantly wire funds to other US bank account holders).  There is no extra charge levied for using a credit card/Paypal.  If payment is not received within 48 hours of an auction closing, you forfeit the right to purchase the product.  It will either be offered to the next highest bidder or re-listed.

  3.  Please read the item descriptions carefully.  Some products may have an extra cost to be added to cover the cost of shipping.  Generally, items with no added shipping cost are only shipped free within the US.  Shipping to locations at APOs/FPOs and outside the US will cost more, and we’ll provide a quote to you at any time, based on your preferred method of shipping.

  4.  If you have any questions or concerns about an item, please raise them with us prior to bidding.  A bid is an unconditional offer to buy and can not be subsequently rescinded.



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