More on ash

Here's an excellent 'flash' graphic that shows the effective top and bottom of the ash cloud and how it has moved over the last day or so.  It's unusual shape is of course the result of winds changing from time to time and from region to region. Definitely worth looking at if you are […]

BA Price Fixing Case Collapses

I’ve mentioned before the delightful bit of scandal revealed to us in the form of a prosecution in the UK against four BA executives, charged with unlawfully colluding with Virgin Atlantic to fix fuel-surcharge prices. The case seemed to be soundly based, because Virgin voluntarily turned itself in and reported the price fixing to Britain’s Office of Fair Trading, in […]

Supersonic Business Jets get closer to reality

Supersonic Business Jets get closer to reality

Two companies – Gulfstream and Aerion – have announced new developments bringing them closer to a viable design for a supersonic business jet, although neither company has yet committed to developing and producing such a plane. There are several obstacles to be overcome in designing a viable supersonic jet.  Such a plane would need to be cost effective, and would […]