Free Windows Utility Software

Free Windows Utility Software

Advanced SystemCare PRO will be given away for 72 hours to celebrate its 5th birthday From May 17 to May 19, IObit will give away free licenses of Advanced SystemCare PRO, which is normally sold at $29.95. With over 100 five-star or Editor’s Choice awards, Advanced SystemCare Pro provides an always-on, automated, all-in-one PC Healthcare Service with anti-spyware, privacy protection, performance […]

New Airport Scanners - Useless but Dangerous?

New Airport Scanners – Useless but Dangerous?

New airport whole body image scanners electronically strip us naked and in theory may reveal any explosives or weapons we have hidden underneath our clothing. But security experts question their effectiveness, and now radiation experts suggest they may be exposing us to dangerous levels of radiation.

Ash avoidance - problems and semi-solutions

Ash avoidance – problems and semi-solutions

The ash problem from the Iceland volcano continues to give occasional problems in selected parts of Europe. These ongoing issues that arise and then go away again on a semi-random seeming basis, point to an ugly truth that we are only now starting to appreciate.  That ugly truth is that these problems may be with […]

Google retreats further from its Nexus mistake

Google retreats further from its Nexus mistake

Google’s decision to start selling phone hardware as well as giving away phone software has always been hard to understand. Google has enjoyed – and continues to enjoy – tremendous success with its Android operating system for smart mobile phones.  Android was released in October 2008, appearing initially on a single phone sold through T-Mobile in the US (the G1, […]

This Week’s Airline Roundup 1

While dinosaurs shrink, other airlines survive and thrive.  Possibly the best example of this is Southwest.  This week they announced the addition of two more cities to their network – Greenville/Spartanburg and Charleston, with flights to begin next year.  I was interviewed on this by the local Greenville newspaper, and I’m glad I had a chance to speak […]

This Week’s Airline Roundup 2

More numbers are coming out from the airlines about their April operating results.  As is often the case, we see starkly opposite trends from very different carriers. United Airlines reported a drop of 2.7% in its domestic passenger numbers (and another drop of 2.2% in its international traffic).  But, in the same month, JetBlue reported […]

This Week’s Security Roundup

This Week's Security Horror Story :  Should we subcontract the nation's security management to Visa? Much has been made of Emirates allowing the Times Square bombing suspect onto one of their flights as if it were their fault.  But Emirates were following normal procedures to the letter – no airline had been required to update […]