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This is a collection of other items and groups/categories of items that are popular and helpful on our site.

Classical Music :  A collection of approachable and enjoyable classical music pieces, first introduced to provide some “immune-boosting” tunes during the Covid-19 crisis.

Covid-19 Resources :  We first started writing about the Covid-19 coronavirus back in January, and were one of the first in the country to express concern about its implications.  Originally we simply had a paragraph or two in some of our weekly newsletters, then we added some specific stand-alone articles, then from 16 March started publishing what we termed “daily diary” updates as well as more occasional feature articles too.

Newsletter Archive :  Most weeks, since 2001, we publish a newsletter on Friday morning with a collection of short commentaries on travel and technology issues that have arisen over the last week.  In truth, most of this material, while fascinating and sometimes even fun, is “perishable” and rapidly becomes less relevant, but if you’d like to browse through the issues since 2010 (when we switched to this blog format), this is the link to click.

Support/Donate :  We rely on our readers – people like you – to make this all possible.  We give you a generous assortment of information on a very wide variety of matters generally related to travel and technology, and in a PBS-type fundraising manner, hope you might choose to occasionally reciprocate.

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