Frontsight Application

We’re delighted you’re continuing to consider joining us for our Frontsight course and preliminary class.

Due to the slightly more sensitive nature of this topic, we have the joining form on this separate unpublished page, and you’ll note it is a secure encrypted page so your data is safe.  Your responses go direct to my email and a copy to you, nowhere else.

Most of the questions are optional.  But the more I understand about you, your current level of experience with firearms, and your training needs, the better I can ensure we ‘hit the ground running’ when we meet, that you have the appropriate equipment, and that your time is best spent.

Frontsight Joining
Please enter your first and last name
Please advise your current age
Please provide your home address
Please show your city, state and zip code here
The best number to reach you at
Please show the names of anyone else you're traveling with

Most of us will probably be at the Best Western in Pahrump, other places are nearby
We hope to start the Thursday class will at about 2pm
If you're bringing your own pistol, if renting, ignore

Please let me know of any special needs, interests, etc, so I can plan to best help you

If you have any questions, of course feel free to ask.

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