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Two Year Anniversary, April 4, 2024

Good afternoon/evening/morning Remember me?  I hope so.  I certainly remember you and the 21 years of my life spent sending out weekly newsletters and other articles on travel and travel related technology! I’ve imperfectly kept

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A Surprise Reappearance, November 13, 2022

Good afternoon/evening/morning I occasionally get emails from readers, wondering what is happening in my life.  Apologies for not answering them – I keep meaning to do so, but, as you can now see, even a

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Update, Friday May 20, 2022

Good morning Another new style of newsletter today, and again with help from Joe Brancatelli, who kindly provides the “meaty” stuff, below. It is becoming clear to me that there aren’t enough hours in the

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Weekly Update, Friday April 29, 2022

Good morning Sort of a newsletter this morning, thanks in largest part to kind help from Joe Brancatelli.  And a few mainly personal comments from me to start. I’m just back from five days in

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Update, Friday April 15, 2022

Good morning It is definitely time to give you an update on the changes going on at my end of these emails.  This is a personal update, not a normal newsletter. Last time I wrote,

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Weekly Roundup, March 25, 2022

373 Supporters (up 1 from last week) Target :  400  Please Join Here   Good morning Last time I wrote, I mentioned I’m moving from Redmond (suburb of Seattle, WA) to Texas, where I’ll be

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