Aug 092010
Denver - the world's strangest airport?

 Denver's new international airport is the world's strangest/weirdest airport (certainly this example of some of the artworks featured seems weird enough)? Perhaps so, according to a fascinating pictorial article that also shows the airport with the runway that goes uphill/downhill (helpful due to its short length, the runway that crosses a busy main road, and […]

Jul 272010
Ultimate Solution to Airline Baggage Fees?  Go on a Nakation!

 Many thanks to Skyscanner, an airfare search/comparison website that searches across 600 airlines and 670,000 routes for the best fares, for this amusing set of suggestions on how to avoid paying excess baggage fees to the airlines on your next vacation. They are suggesting, doubtless tongue in cheek, that you should consider what they term […]

Jul 012010
Raunchy Russian Airline Ad - So Suggestive it is Funny

Yes, we all know that sex sells, but generally there is at least a very thin veneer of pretence to obscure the underlying sex sell concept.  However, there are occasional and notable exceptions…. Airlines have tried various types of suggestive advertising in the past, such as the famous ‘Fly Me’ campaign by National Airlines in the 1960s and Southwest Airlines’ […]