Jan 262011
Want to Lose Weight?  Turn Down the Heat!

An interesting study done by the University College London and published in the Obesity Reviews journal on Tuesday correlates rising obesity rates with our living in environments that are steadily becoming warmer and more comfortable. No, this isn’t ‘global warming’ – it is instead the fact that our houses and our offices are better heated […]

Jan 202011
Weekly Roundup Friday 21 January 2011

Let's start the newsletter with another reader survey. Later in this week's compilation of articles, you'll see mention of new airplane designs being developed by Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Northrop Grumman (pictured here are two Boeing models, with either two traditional appearing jet engines or three external rotor jet engines).  The Lockheed Martin design is […]

Dec 132010

A rare combination of events after the first world war created the short lived (in all senses of the term) phenomenon of aerial ‘barnstorming’. Individual pilots/performers and groups of such people would fly around the United States, giving impromptu air shows featuring various death defying stunts to crowds of amazed onlookers below. The availability of […]

Nov 172010
New York's Splendid - but Closed - City Hall Subway Station

There's something mysteriously appealing about subways, and in particular, about abandoned subway routes and disused stations.  Legends abound about hidden/secret subway lines (for example Moscow's alleged 'Metro 2' subway system, which, if it exists, may be even more extensive than Moscow's massive public system), and then there are the forgotten subway lines too. How could […]

Nov 042010
Weekly roundup Friday 5 November 2010

Good morning – and happy Guy Fawkes Day to all of you who celebrate this auspicious event.  For our American friends, here's a Wikipedia entry to explain this semi-interesting bit of English history, and for those who want to know still more, this entry explains the Guy Fawkes Day/Night tradition. 'A penny for the guy' […]

Oct 222010
Miscellaneous Roundup Friday 22 October 2010

More good news for rail fans.  The German rail operator, Deutsche Bahn, is moving forward with plans to run trains all the way to London (through the Channel Tunnel), and sent a test train to London's lovely St Pancras terminal this week. DB would initially operate trains from London to Frankfurt and Amsterdam (planned to […]

Oct 142010
The Best and Worst Jobs in the World?

Tourism Queensland in Australia had a very successful promotion a year back, when they advertised for a person to take on the 'job' of being a generously paid full-time tourist, living for six months in a luxury dwelling on one of the islands off the Queensland coast.  I'm not sure how much ongoing publicity they […]