Sep 232010
All About Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch is New Zealand's second largest city, and is the largest city in the country's South Island.  It earned some unwanted international fame three weeks ago when it suffered an earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale, causing substantial damage to the city. However, most of the most urgent problems have now been resolved, and […]

Aug 092010
Denver - the world's strangest airport?

 Denver's new international airport is the world's strangest/weirdest airport (certainly this example of some of the artworks featured seems weird enough)? Perhaps so, according to a fascinating pictorial article that also shows the airport with the runway that goes uphill/downhill (helpful due to its short length, the runway that crosses a busy main road, and […]

Aug 022010
More American Die of This Cause than Any Other When Traveling Internationally

 This might surprise you.  Can you guess what the leading cause of death is for Americans when traveling internationally?  Food poisoning? Terrorism?  Muggings/murders?  Plane crashes? No – none of those. The leading cause of death is traffic accidents.  In addition to the almost 40,000 Americans who die each year on the roads in the US, […]

Jul 252010
All About Train Travel in New Zealand

 If you're planning a trip to New Zealand and considering using the train service in New Zealand either to get around or as a 'special treat' experience during your time there, you'll find the new article I've just published that discusses all New Zealand's passenger trains to be very helpful. As a bonus, I include […]

Jul 112010
King Arthur's Round Table Found?

Historians and archeologists believe they may have found Camelot and the site of King Arthur’s Round Table. Rather than an ordinary or even large table, they speculate it may have been a monster sized structure capable of seating a thousand or more people at a time. The facts of King Arthur are these days inextricably woven in […]

Jun 032010
What to Do if Your Credit Card is Not Accepted Internationally

There’s an interesting article in USA Today about the increasing problems experienced by Americans internationally when they try and use their credit cards. One of the most beneficial and positive changes to international travel in the last many decades has been the introduction and growing prevalence of credit cards and places that accept them internationally.  Some of […]