Jul 052012
Weekly Roundup Friday 6 July 2012

Wednesday saw our annual celebration of America and all that makes us so great and good.  This year the sum of America’s greatest and best was sadly diminished by the death of Andy Griffith, of a heart attack the previous day, in his home in NC at the age of 86. Probably everyone reading this […]

Jun 082012
Weekly Roundup Friday 8 June 2012

Good morning I hope you got to see some of the pomp, pageantry and circumstance of Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee this last weekend, which was a special four day holiday in the United Kingdom.  It is an honor to be one of her subjects; long may she reign. As the associated graphic hints, we […]

Apr 202012
Weekly Roundup Friday 20 April 2012

Good morning Happy 60th birthday this week to the illustrious Boeing B-52, still operational as a heavy bomber, sixty years after it first took to the skies on 15 April, 1952. 744 of the planes were built, including 102 of the final B52-H model, of which 85 are still in active duty and another nine […]

Dec 292011
Happy New Year - Friday 30 December 2011

Good morning Another year inexorably rolls to its close this weekend, with New Year’s Eve conveniently on a Saturday night, possibly encouraging more of us to stay up for midnight celebrations. If you choose to do so, I hope you’ll have a memorable, fun-filled, and safe celebration. Until then, here’s a lot of great material […]

Dec 162011
Weekly Roundup Friday 16 December 2011

Good morning Are you starting to feel the Christmas spirit yet?  Or just the Christmas cold (in my case, both weather-wise and health-wise too)! With little more than a week to go before the pre-Christmas sales transition seamlessly into post-Christmas sales, I hope you’ve got your purchasing plans mapped out for the balance of the […]

Nov 232011
Appalling California High Speed Rail Cost Explosion

I have written several times before about California’s ambitious high speed rail project, most recently in September. In September, the official estimates of the cost to build this rail line were in the order of $43 billion.  Other estimates guessed it as being more like $65 billion, and a few naysayers suggested the real costs […]

Oct 142011
Weekly Roundup Friday 14 October 2011

Good morning Please read on to enjoy in this week’s roundup, or click a link to be taken directly to the section of interest. (Note :  If you are getting the SUMMARY version of the newsletter, these links won’t work, because you don’t have the full newsletter downloaded to link to.  You should either convert to (or […]

Sep 152011
Weekly Roundup Friday 16 September 2011

Good morning It has been a busy week and there’s now a wealth of things for you to enjoy reading.  But I now find myself asking, in turn, for your help in two different areas.  The first involves hopefully reaching into your back pocket, the second simply asks you to help support an issue that […]

Sep 082011
California's High Speed Rail Conundrum

  Our country’s faltering attempts at creating any type of high speed rail service continue to go nowhere. The initial poster child of President Obama’s January 2010 high speed rail program was to be a line between Tampa and Orlando.  This would have been almost fully paid for by the Federal Government, but Florida’s legislature […]

Aug 252011
Weekly Roundup Friday 26 August 2011

Good morning I was catching up with some articles on Frommers.com and came across one on the subject of tipping hotel chambermaids.  Arthur Frommer says ‘A tip of $20 seems to me a minimum for a two-night stay’.  He believes it is our obligation to ensure that hotel chambermaids earn a living wage, and laments […]

Aug 112011
Weekly Roundup Friday 11 August 2011

Good morning A couple of weeks ago we were celebrating the 50th birthday of the IBM Selectric typewriter.  There’s another 50th birthday this week, this time for the Jaguar E-Type. Although only 70,000 cars were produced during its 14 year life, the E-type quickly became an iconic symbol of grace and style, in Britain and […]