E-Stand Portable Laptop Table

This computer laptable type device is an appealing concept in theory, but in the real world, it just doesn’t work very well at all.

New Airport Scanners – Useless but Dangerous?

New airport whole body image scanners electronically strip us naked and in theory may reveal any explosives or weapons we have hidden underneath our clothing. But security experts question their effectiveness, and now radiation experts suggest they may be exposing us to dangerous levels of radiation.

This Week’s Tech Talk

There has been some interesting speculation about the possibility of cell phone interference causing the Soviet made elderly Tupolev Tu-154 that was carrying the Polish president and other dignitaries to crash (killing all on board) …

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Android phones now outsell iPhones in US

In the first quarter 2010, Android phones outsold iPhones for the first time ever. But both types of phone were outsold by another brand.

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