May 202010
Technocell PowerPak Universal Charger/Battery review

Every different rechargeable battery powered device these days comes with its own charger.  This is usually unnecessary, because 90% + of all such devices are powered by 3.7V lithium ion batteries, and have most of their ‘charging intelligence’ built into the device rather than the charger.  As a result, in theory, nearly all modern devices could potentially be charged by […]

May 192010
EcoCharge USB Power Supply

Did you know that the brick power supplies you use to charge your various electronic devices keep using power whenever they are plugged in, even if they are not charging anything? Does that shock and horrify you?  If it does, stop what you’re doing and urgently buy an EcoCharge Power Supply, because it uses ten times less standby power […]

May 172010
Free Windows Utility Software

Advanced SystemCare PRO will be given away for 72 hours to celebrate its 5th birthday From May 17 to May 19, IObit will give away free licenses of Advanced SystemCare PRO, which is normally sold at $29.95. With over 100 five-star or Editor’s Choice awards, Advanced SystemCare Pro provides an always-on, automated, all-in-one PC Healthcare Service with anti-spyware, privacy protection, performance […]

May 152010
Google retreats further from its Nexus mistake

Google’s decision to start selling phone hardware as well as giving away phone software has always been hard to understand. Google has enjoyed – and continues to enjoy – tremendous success with its Android operating system for smart mobile phones.  Android was released in October 2008, appearing initially on a single phone sold through T-Mobile in the US (the G1, […]

May 142010

There has been some interesting speculation about the possibility of cell phone interference causing the Soviet made elderly Tupolev Tu-154 that was carrying the Polish president and other dignitaries to crash (killing all on board) when it was attempting to land in bad weather in the Russian city of Smolensk a couple of weeks back. […]