May 312010

(This is the second part of our three part review – here is the first part) Wired Magazine has made a name for itself with its slightly edgy and forward-looking journalism and commentary on how technology affects culture, economy, and politics. Founded in 1993, and now owned by media giant Condé Nast, the magazine has won a number of awards, […]

May 312010
Portrait and Landscape samples from Wired's ePub

(This is the third part of our three part review of the new Wired Magazine epublication for the iPad – click here to return to part one.) One of the clever things about the Wired ePub is that it reformats itself depending on if you’re holding the iPad in Portrait (ie vertical) or Landscape (ie horizontal) mode. In the case of […]

May 262010
Apple's Stupid iPad Shipping Policy

The extraordinary and largely undeserved success of Apple’s iPad is all the more extraordinary when one understands that its sales numbers are being achieved in spite of, rather than because of Apple. Here are three policies that would seem to harm rather than help the sales of iPads : 1.  There is a limit of two iPads that can be […]

May 252010
Survey :  15% have had sex while driving

Leading Bluetooth headset manufacturer Jabra has just released the results of a survey about what we all do when we’re driving – other than keeping both hands on the wheel and concentrating on the road ahead, that is. 72% of the 1800 people surveyed admitted to eating while driving.  35% said they had taken clothes off (or put clothes on). […]

May 232010
BlueAnt Q1 Bluetooth Headset review

The BlueAnt Q1 Bluetooth Headset becomes the 17th in an ongoing series of Bluetooth headset reviews that I have published.  Not only is it the 17th in the series, but it succeeds in listing all 16 previous headsets, and winning the accolade of now being what I consider to be the best currently available headset out there. I should explain […]

May 202010
iPhone Tethering and iPad Implications

People privileged enough to be testing the latest Beta release of the iPhone 4.0 firmware have uncovered a new feature which hopefully will end up being released in the production version of this software.  This is the ability of the iPhone to be tethered. ‘Tethering’ refers to the process of connecting a phone to another computing device such […]

May 202010
Technocell PowerPak Universal Charger/Battery review

Every different rechargeable battery powered device these days comes with its own charger.  This is usually unnecessary, because 90% + of all such devices are powered by 3.7V lithium ion batteries, and have most of their ‘charging intelligence’ built into the device rather than the charger.  As a result, in theory, nearly all modern devices could potentially be charged by […]

May 192010
EcoCharge USB Power Supply

Did you know that the brick power supplies you use to charge your various electronic devices keep using power whenever they are plugged in, even if they are not charging anything? Does that shock and horrify you?  If it does, stop what you’re doing and urgently buy an EcoCharge Power Supply, because it uses ten times less standby power […]

May 172010
Free Windows Utility Software

Advanced SystemCare PRO will be given away for 72 hours to celebrate its 5th birthday From May 17 to May 19, IObit will give away free licenses of Advanced SystemCare PRO, which is normally sold at $29.95. With over 100 five-star or Editor’s Choice awards, Advanced SystemCare Pro provides an always-on, automated, all-in-one PC Healthcare Service with anti-spyware, privacy protection, performance […]