Aug 222014
The Only Person You Can Trust For Digital Music Quality Recommendations

We wrote before about how our hearing is imprecise and easily tricked.  If you’ve not read that article yet, and not yet done some of the hearing self-tests linked within it, we recommend you should do so first, so as to quantify your present hearing abilities. So, we will assume that you’ve tested your hearing […]

Aug 192014
Headphone Recommendations - In Ear Headphones

Our first category of headphones to be considered is in-ear headphones.  These are sometimes called earphones or IEMs – ‘In Ear Monitors’. This is actually the hardest recommendation for us to make, because we personally don’t like any in-ear type headphones!  This is not due to any issues of sound quality – the in-ear headphones […]

Aug 192014
Headphone Recommendations - Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you are wanting to listen to music in a noisy environment (in particular, airplanes), or if you just simply want to tune out the noise and relax, and if the in-ear headphones don’t appeal, then you need to consider headphones where the highest priority consideration is noise cancelling rather than sound quality. We strongly […]

Aug 192014
Headphone Recommendations - Around the $100 Range

The idea of buying a quality pair of regular loudspeakers for under $100 would be laughable.  Indeed, it is a struggle to find good quality speakers for less than $1000 a pair. But with headphones, you can find truly great headphones for less than $100. In particular, we recommend the Sony MDR7506 headphones.  Currently available […]

Aug 172014
Five Headphone Recommendations - Introduction

This is the first part of a multi-part series that gives some recommended models of headphones for you to consider. After reading this introduction we suggest you then read the various articles showing our recommendations for each category of headphones : How to Properly Compare Headphones Five Headphone Recommendations – Introduction 1.  In Ear Headphones […]

Aug 162014
How to Properly Compare Headphones

Many of us instinctively prefer listening to music through regular loudspeakers, perhaps because it seems more analogous to listening in a real life concert hall. But using headphones offers three compelling advantages, and sometimes is not only our best choice, but may also be our only choice.  For example, as travelers, headphones give us a […]

Jul 312014
You Can't Trust Your Ears - Or Anyone Else's

Our sense of hearing is amazing, and also an amazing contradiction. It is simultaneously super-sensitive, but also flawed.  We can hear amazingly quiet sounds (and also incredibly loud sounds possession billions of times greater sound energy), and we can distinguish one sound or voice from a morass of other sounds and voices.  Life without our […]

Jun 282014
What Makes Digital Music Good (or Bad) Quality?

This is the second part of a new series on digital music.  The first part, chronicling the astonishing deterioration in recorded music quality, is here. The sounds we hear are usually created and always heard in what is termed an ‘analog’ process.  Earlier types of recording and playing back music used analog processes at every […]