Jul 082010
Security Roundup week ending 9 July 2010

This Week’s Security Horror Story :  What do these people all have in common?  A disabled Marine veteran and US citizen in Egypt.  A U.S. Army veteran and US citizen in Colombia.  A US Air Force veteran and US citizen stranded in Europe?  A US citizen in Portland unable to visit Dubai?  A Guinea native, granted US political asylum, […]

Jul 012010
Security Roundup week ending 2 July 2010

This Week’s Security Horror Story :   The TSA tells us that now they have taken over passenger screening, and now they know our dates of birth and genders, there will be fewer mix-ups with passengers being confused with terrorists and placed on the no-fly list.  The TSA also tells us that if such mix-ups do occur, they now have […]

Jul 012010
Who to Believe?  The TSA or Passengers Still Stuck on No-Fly List?

The TSA tells us that now they are in charge of deciding who can and can not fly (instead of the individual airlines as was previously the case) there is greater consistency and efficiency in matching passenger names against no fly security lists. The TSA also says that 99% of passengers suffering from a name similar to a terrorist […]

Jun 032010
Big Brother is Watching You in Australia

 Australians living in the state of New South Wales are having their drivers license pictures scanned into a statewide database.  The pictures are then analyzed and stored in terms of computerized facial recognition algorithms. This means that any video camera surveillance that can access this database can not only record surveillance video but automatically match the images it is recording with […]

May 272010

This Week’s Security Horror Story :  Have you ever noticed how most legislation that is introduced to protect us against terrorists seems to end up doing little or nothing to help us ‘win the war against terrorism’, while adding another layer of inconvenience and restriction on ordinary people for no apparent good purpose? Many of these new measures are […]

May 272010
Big Brother Wants to Watch You More Closely

Have you ever noticed how most legislation that is introduced to protect us against terrorists seems to end up doing little or nothing to help us ‘win the war against terrorism’, while adding another layer of inconvenience and restriction on ordinary people for no apparent good purpose? Many of these new measures are naïvely introduced by people with good intentions […]

May 202010
This Week's Security Roundup

The new whole body imaging type airport scanners are being rushed into service, everywhere in the world. But as I have reported repeatedly before, serious doubts exist as to whether they really work nearly as well as they have been promised to work.  Until now, at least one could say ‘well maybe they help, but at least they don’t hurt’ […]

May 132010

This Week's Security Horror Story :  Should we subcontract the nation's security management to Visa? Much has been made of Emirates allowing the Times Square bombing suspect onto one of their flights as if it were their fault.  But Emirates were following normal procedures to the letter – no airline had been required to update […]