Sep 122010

Good morning Apologies for no Friday newsletter, and for the very non-traditional nature of this one.  I've been struggling to come up with the best way to write about the transformational experience I had in the Nevada desert last week (that sounds very pretentious, doesn't it!), and more to the point, I've been trying to […]

Jul 262010
'It is Illegal to Take Exterior Pictures of Public Buildings' - Incorrect Assertion by many US Police

 This is America, not Amerika, right?  A nation built on liberty and freedom.  It is our heritage, it is what we are taught, it is what we treasure, and it is even what we fight and die for. So how can we understand, let alone excuse, the un-American (and happily completely wrong) claims by police […]

Jul 132010
Full Body Scanners?  Just Say No!

There is a growing amount of concern and unhappiness at the rush by the TSA to deploy whole body imaging scanners  – they may or may not work and they may or may not subject passengers to dangerous doses of radiation. The US Government Accountability Office accuses the TSA of deploying the machines without fully testing them and without […]