Nov 222010
Wi-Fi is Bad for Trees

As longer time readers will know, I'm gravely concerned about the health dangers associated with cell phone radio waves.  But that's not the only type of electromagnetic signal to worry about, oh no, not by any means. How about the growing omni-presence of Wi-Fi signals, too?  The good news is that you don't usually carry […]

Nov 172010
The Pressing Problem in Amazon's Current (but Obsolete) Kindle eBook Readers

Since the introduction of Amazon's original Kindle eBook reader in November 2007, the company has very successfully driven the acceptance of eBooks into the marketplace. Former attempts at creating a sustainable viable market for eBooks had all failed to gain critical mass in the marketplace, and Amazon deserves full credit for single-handedly making eBooks into […]

Nov 112010
How to Design and Set Up a Home Security Video System

As travelers, we all too often leave our homes unoccupied and vulnerable. Technological advances in camera design and – of course – the wonder of the increasingly omnipresent internet have allowed home security systems to evolve from their earlier 'unintelligent' audible alarms that were as often as not false, leading to frustration and potentially heavy […]

Jul 132010
Full Body Scanners?  Just Say No!

There is a growing amount of concern and unhappiness at the rush by the TSA to deploy whole body imaging scanners  – they may or may not work and they may or may not subject passengers to dangerous doses of radiation. The US Government Accountability Office accuses the TSA of deploying the machines without fully testing them and without […]

May 272010
Big Brother Wants to Watch You More Closely

Have you ever noticed how most legislation that is introduced to protect us against terrorists seems to end up doing little or nothing to help us ‘win the war against terrorism’, while adding another layer of inconvenience and restriction on ordinary people for no apparent good purpose? Many of these new measures are naïvely introduced by people with good intentions […]