Dec 062011
Sign the White House Petition to Allow Some Electronic Devices on Planes During Takeoff and Landing

Electronic democracy in action?  Hopefully, although that remains to be seen.  The official site now has a petition on it requesting the FAA regulation prohibiting electronic devices during some stages of flight be amended. Here’s the text of the petition : Portable electronic devices like the Amazon Kindle, the iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, […]

Nov 032011
Weekly Roundup Friday 4 November 2011

Good morning We’ve a huge amount to offer you this week, both in the roundup and the other articles that follow. Enjoy! Travel Innovation Survey Qantas Woes Naughty Jetblue Imprisons Passengers US Airways Shuts Overseas Call Centers New Discount Airline from Singapore Airlines Two Different Speeds for Cruise Liner Drydocking Airport X-ray Scanners – Maybe […]

Oct 212011
Weekly Roundup Friday 21 October 2011

Good morning A slightly reflective newsletter this week, to note the end of our annual fundraising drive, and the event of our tenth birthday. Please read on to enjoy in this week’s roundup, or click a link to be taken directly to the section of interest. (Note :  If you are getting the SUMMARY version […]

Oct 072011
Weekly Roundup Friday 7 October 2011

Good morning Please read on to enjoy in this week’s roundup, or click a link to (hopefully – this is experimental) be taken directly to the section of interest New Blog Format and Interactivity Reader Instant Poll on Travel Insider Content Annual Fundraising Appeal A Runway for No-one Southwest Attempts to Justify the Unjustifiable BA’s […]

Oct 062011
Some Good News & Some Bad News for Motorists; and How Speeding Saves Lives

In the UK, some good news.  For some time now the UK has been a curious contradiction between a 70 mph speed limit on its freeways (motorways) and the actual speeds drivers travel at – usually 80 mph, sometimes appreciably in excess of 90 mph.  The police have a general policy of not stopping cars […]

Aug 112011
Weekly Roundup Friday 11 August 2011

Good morning A couple of weeks ago we were celebrating the 50th birthday of the IBM Selectric typewriter.  There’s another 50th birthday this week, this time for the Jaguar E-Type. Although only 70,000 cars were produced during its 14 year life, the E-type quickly became an iconic symbol of grace and style, in Britain and […]

May 312011
At Last - Vindication.  I Was Right; Everyone Else (Almost) Was Wrong.  Cell Phones Truly Are Bad For Your Health

For as long as I’ve been writing The Travel Insider, I’ve been waging a lonely war, trying to convey the danger that cell phones pose to our health. This has not been easy, and I’ve frequently compared it to the perception of cigarettes in the 1950s. Back then cigarettes were promoted as being healthy, and […]

May 122011
Do Our Portable Electronics Really Interfere with Airplane Safety?  Does the FAA Care?

A recent article points out that the airlines' ban on having portable transmitters operating in a plane is often being ignored/overlooked by people with Bluetooth headsets. That is very true, but why stop there?  An increasing number of devices have Wi-Fi transmitters in them too.  Most laptops and tablets now have Wi-Fi built in, and […]

Feb 172011
Netflix Video Streaming - A Revolutionary App and Internet Paradigm Shifter

In late November last year, Netflix announced a new way to watch movies.  They will stream movies to you instantly – you choose from over 20,000 different movies and television episodes, and within seconds of making your choice, the movie starts to play on your television (or computer monitor or iPad or iPhone).  Amazingly, the […]

Jan 262011
Want to Lose Weight?  Turn Down the Heat!

An interesting study done by the University College London and published in the Obesity Reviews journal on Tuesday correlates rising obesity rates with our living in environments that are steadily becoming warmer and more comfortable. No, this isn’t ‘global warming’ – it is instead the fact that our houses and our offices are better heated […]