Aug 232012
Solitude's Latest Noise Cancelling Headphones - To Buy or Not to Buy

Some people say innovation is dead in the US.  But they’ve probably not come across Solitude Design, a small company that for nine years now has been steadily coming up with better and better models of noise cancelling headphones, and at market-leading prices. Their latest model, the Solitude XCS is a slight improvement over the […]

Mar 222012
Book Review :  'Cruising Attitude - Tales of Crashpads, Crew Drama, and Crazy Passengers at 35,000 Feet'

I dislike doing book reviews. It requires me to read an entire book, which usually takes a full day or more to do, and then to think ‘outside the box’ and come up with some original and creative comments and observations about the book, and at the end of the lengthy and surprisingly arduous process, […]

Feb 232012
Two Portable Laptop Stands Reviewed - Should You Buy Either?

I’ve just published a detailed review of two portable laptop stands made by AViiQ – a company with a painfully contrived name (and even worse spelling) but with two very elegant laptop stands. They are made out of ‘Hylite’ – a space age ultra- light weight material, and are imaginatively designed to be very compact […]