Jun 122013
An iPhone/iPad App Which Is All the Better for Ignoring My Suggestions

Usually I find it hard to write positively about products that ignore my suggestions for improvements, but in this case, the product is all the finer for having ignored the suggestions I offered to the company’s owner.  Please read on, I’ll explain. One of my favorite ‘tools’ that helps me appear as an all-knowing Travel […]

Apr 112013
Rechargeable Batteries - Now A Viable Alternative for All Battery Applications

If you’re still buying single-use batteries, one or two at a time (or even several dozen at a time), and throwing them away as each one is depleted, you’re still living way back in the twentieth century. New developments in rechargeable battery chemistries combined with massively improved ‘intelligent’ battery chargers have made rechargeable batteries much […]

Oct 292012
Google Now Has a Full Apple Beating Product Range - Phone, mini Tablet, full Tablet

Google is now launching a full assault on Apple in all the three key areas of modern mobile connectivity – smartphones, mini tablets, and full-sized tablets. Until now, Apple has been perceived as dominating in all three areas, even though the underlying market shares tend to contradict that perception. In reality, there have been Android […]

Oct 292012
Google Nexus 7 vs Apple iPad mini

Apple last week announced details of its new mini iPad, and Google today updated the specifications and pricing for its Nexus 7, which was released earlier this year. The new lower pricing on the Nexus 7 widens still further the pricing gap between it and the iPad mini.  A similar 16GB unit would cost $199 […]