Aug 062010

One of the interesting claims made by airlines when they were regulated was that they couldn’t operate their services effectively with more than about a 55% load factor, for fear of having occasional full flights and having to therefore – gasp – turn down someone who wanted to buy a ticket on that flight. Well, that was then.  […]

Aug 052010
Miscellaneous Roundup Friday 6 Aug 2010

 A visit to the Mouse has just become even more expensive than before.  Walt Disney World has raised the price of a one-day one-park ticket up to $82, and with their more expensive multi-day tickets also increasing, generally by almost 4%.  Similar increases are occurring at Disneyland and most other theme parks will see this […]

Jul 292010
Weekly Roundup Friday 30 July

 I hope you are settling in to the new newsletter format.  One more explanatory note. The 'as it happens' express mailings and the daily summaries give you details of articles as they are written/released during the week, in somewhat of a jumble, because I write things 'as they happen' rather than in any sort of […]