Oct 082010
Airline Roundup Friday 8 October 2010

Two naughty airlines get delicate slaps on the wrist from DoT.  Sun Country has been fined $40,000 for violating the DoT's advertising rules, but only half of it is payable now, and the balance will be forgiven if the airline doesn't get caught doesn't reoffend again in the next year. Sun Country had an ad […]

Sep 302010
Weekly roundup Friday 1 October 2010

Good morning Sincere thanks to everyone who responded in the first week of this year's fundraising drive.  You are even more special this year, for two reasons. First – the good news – the first week's contributors this year were appreciably more generous than the first week's contributors last year, in terms of individual contribution level.  […]

Sep 302010
Miscellaneous Roundup Friday 1 October 2010

Here's an interesting article which implies you can sometimes succeed in negotiating down the foreign exchange fees charged by your bank/credit card issuer when you're buying things in a foreign currency. You might sneer at this concept, but a few years ago I inadvertently said something in a conversation with Bank of America's Visa department, and the result was […]

Sep 162010
Weekly roundup Friday 17 September 2010

Good morning It has been an interesting and busy week, and I've lots of good things for you today as a result. In sort of chronological order, probably no-one will be surprised that my extensive series on the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute after attending one of their Four Day Defensive Handgun courses excited a […]

Sep 162010
Airline Roundup Friday 17 September 2010

In addition to my main item about the DoT refusal to V Australia and Delta's request for an alliance to operate service across the Pacific, V Australia's parent company, the Virgin Blue Goup, had a second disappointment with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission turning down a request for an alliance with Air New Zealand […]