Aug 022010
More American Die of This Cause than Any Other When Traveling Internationally

 This might surprise you.  Can you guess what the leading cause of death is for Americans when traveling internationally?  Food poisoning? Terrorism?  Muggings/murders?  Plane crashes? No – none of those. The leading cause of death is traffic accidents.  In addition to the almost 40,000 Americans who die each year on the roads in the US, […]

Jul 292010
Weekly Roundup Friday 30 July

 I hope you are settling in to the new newsletter format.  One more explanatory note. The 'as it happens' express mailings and the daily summaries give you details of articles as they are written/released during the week, in somewhat of a jumble, because I write things 'as they happen' rather than in any sort of […]

Jul 082010
Miscellaneous Roundup week ending 9 July 2010

Another sign of the continuing ascendancy of China in every respect is seeing Beijing international Airport now overtake London’s Heathrow airport to become the world’s second busiest airport.  Atlanta remains the world’s busiest – but one wonders for how much longer. Here is an interesting idea being trialed by Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.  They will allow passengers to stay […]

Jul 012010
Miscellaneous Roundup week ending 2 July 2010

There’s some potentially good news for ship preservationists and for this country’s maritime history.  The passenger liner SS United States, which had been threatened with sold for scrap by its present owners, NCL, may now be saved.  NCL has agreed to sell the liner to a preservation group for $3 million, a very fair and generous move on NCL’s part […]

Jul 012010
Raunchy Russian Airline Ad - So Suggestive it is Funny

Yes, we all know that sex sells, but generally there is at least a very thin veneer of pretence to obscure the underlying sex sell concept.  However, there are occasional and notable exceptions…. Airlines have tried various types of suggestive advertising in the past, such as the famous ‘Fly Me’ campaign by National Airlines in the 1960s and Southwest Airlines’ […]

Jun 032010

There’s an interesting article in USA Today a couple of days ago about the increasing problems experienced by Americans internationally when they try and use their credit cards.  For more commentary and some advice, read my article about What to Do if Your Credit Card is Not Accepted Internationally. Good news for iPhone users this week – Skype will now operate […]

Jun 032010
What to Do if Your Credit Card is Not Accepted Internationally

There’s an interesting article in USA Today about the increasing problems experienced by Americans internationally when they try and use their credit cards. One of the most beneficial and positive changes to international travel in the last many decades has been the introduction and growing prevalence of credit cards and places that accept them internationally.  Some of […]