May 112012
Weekly Roundup Friday 11 May 2012

Good morning Happy 75th birthday to the Golden Gate Bridge, which opened in May 1937. It has become one of the world’s most instantly recognizable bridges, and is approaching its two billionth vehicle crossing sometime very soon. Although having the longest span in the world when built, it lost that title in 1964 to the […]

May 032012
Weekly Roundup Friday 4 May 2012

Good morning I had another burst of intense self doubt earlier this week.  Are airlines really as stupid as I say they are?  Or am I missing something so thunderingly obvious as to imply I’m even more stupid than I suggest the airlines sometimes are? This was triggered by the confirmation that Delta is indeed […]

Apr 272012
Weekly Roundup Friday 27 April 2012

Good morning ‘Waste not, want not’ has been my motto for a long time now. It is amazing how many experiences can become Travel Insider articles – it seems a shame to waste an interesting or learning experience so I try to write about them whenever possible.  Our feature article this week about in-car emergency […]

Apr 202012
Weekly Roundup Friday 20 April 2012

Good morning Happy 60th birthday this week to the illustrious Boeing B-52, still operational as a heavy bomber, sixty years after it first took to the skies on 15 April, 1952. 744 of the planes were built, including 102 of the final B52-H model, of which 85 are still in active duty and another nine […]

Apr 122012
Weekly Roundup Black Friday 13 April 2012

Good morning I was excited to read about JK Rowling’s next book, ‘The Casual Vacancy’, being released in September – especially because it is a book for adults.  But upon going to the information on Amazon, I saw that the book, with a recommended retail price of $35, is currently showing a street price of […]

Feb 092012
A Solution to Hotel Booking and Rate Frustrations

If I’m staying at a hotel I’ve stayed at before and like, I’ll generally call the hotel directly to make the booking rather than go through an online site.  I do this for two reasons – first in the hope of finding some sort of special discount direct from the property, and secondly to save […]

Jan 262012
Weekly Roundup, Friday 27 January 2012

Good morning I spent last week in and around Las Vegas. I’d quickly booked a ‘generic’ hotel on the strip for my stay, choosing based on convenient location (close to a monorail station) and price, and it was only as I was walking through the casino to their lobby that I started to get a […]

Dec 292011
Happy New Year - Friday 30 December 2011

Good morning Another year inexorably rolls to its close this weekend, with New Year’s Eve conveniently on a Saturday night, possibly encouraging more of us to stay up for midnight celebrations. If you choose to do so, I hope you’ll have a memorable, fun-filled, and safe celebration. Until then, here’s a lot of great material […]