Dec 022010
Weekly roundup Friday 3 December 2010

Good morning And hello from Brussels, where I'm writing this on Thursday evening.  Pictured is the 'Atomium' structure which has sort of become an iconic image for Brussels.  It was built for the 1958 World Fair in Brussels, is 335ft tall, and its nine balls depict a unit cell of an iron crystal, albeit magnified […]

Oct 072010
How to Choose the Best Hotel Frequent Guest Program

Few of us have much choice of airline frequent flier program, because there is usually one program that is clearly 'better' than the others, due to whichever airline has the best service to the most places from our home airport.  Furthermore, there's not really a huge amount of difference between the different airline frequent flier […]

Aug 112010
Worldwide Hotel Rates and Trends

 The British Hogg Robinson Group has just published their latest survey findings about hotel rates around the world, covering the first half of 2010. The survey spans 50 different cities. The most expensive city for hotels?  Moscow, for the sixth year in a row, even though hotel prices have fallen 12% (in rouble terms) over the last year.  Last […]