Dec 022011
Weekly Roundup Friday 2 December 2011

Good morning It has been a very eventful week. Normally one hopes that things start to slow down at and after Thanksgiving, but this week has seen a rush of things happening, most notable being the two things which happily are more non-events : AA’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing which (at least so far) has […]

Oct 072011
Weekly Roundup Friday 7 October 2011

Good morning Please read on to enjoy in this week’s roundup, or click a link to (hopefully – this is experimental) be taken directly to the section of interest New Blog Format and Interactivity Reader Instant Poll on Travel Insider Content Annual Fundraising Appeal A Runway for No-one Southwest Attempts to Justify the Unjustifiable BA’s […]

Sep 152011
Weekly Roundup Friday 16 September 2011

Good morning It has been a busy week and there’s now a wealth of things for you to enjoy reading.  But I now find myself asking, in turn, for your help in two different areas.  The first involves hopefully reaching into your back pocket, the second simply asks you to help support an issue that […]

Sep 022011
Weekly Roundup Friday 2 September 2011

  Good morning Very quickly to start, I’ve a final extension on the special lifetime memberships that make our upcoming Front Sight defensive handgun course so affordable.  You’ll need to contact me prior to the close of business today (Friday) if this is of interest to you (14 people have taken advantage of this already). […]

Aug 252011
Weekly Roundup Friday 26 August 2011

Good morning I was catching up with some articles on and came across one on the subject of tipping hotel chambermaids.  Arthur Frommer says ‘A tip of $20 seems to me a minimum for a two-night stay’.  He believes it is our obligation to ensure that hotel chambermaids earn a living wage, and laments […]

Aug 042011
Weekly Roundup Friday 4 August 2011

Good morning To my surprise, my mentioning of the IBM Selectric typewriter’s 50th anniversary last week evoked a lot of comments and memories from readers.  It is amazing how a plain piece of technology has touched so many of our lives and brings back so many – and such positive – memories. A few readers […]

Jul 282011
Weekly Roundup Friday 29 July 2011

Good morning Happy birthday this week to the IBM Selectric typewriter (pictured, left). First released (obviously enough) in 1961 (on 23 July), the ‘golfball’ typewriter with dual pitch and a correcting ribbon was an enormous step forward for millions of typists all around the world, myself included.  I remember buying my first Selectric typewriter some […]

Jul 212011
Weekly Roundup Friday 22 July 2011

Good morning The big news of the week was Wednesday’s announcement by American Airlines of their order for 460 new planes, which I quickly analyzed and sent out a commentary on immediately thereafter.  If you get the realtime or daily updates, you’ve already seen this, otherwise it is available for you to read later in […]

Apr 212011
Weekly Roundup Friday 22 April 2011

Good morning and Good Friday – Happy Easter It has been a busy week, starting off with taking a fascinating but intense weekend course that saw me emerging out the other end as an NRA certified firearms instructor.  Hopefully that might empower me to add more value the next time we schedule a Travel Insider […]