Jul 082010
Miscellaneous Roundup week ending 9 July 2010

Another sign of the continuing ascendancy of China in every respect is seeing Beijing international Airport now overtake London’s Heathrow airport to become the world’s second busiest airport.  Atlanta remains the world’s busiest – but one wonders for how much longer. Here is an interesting idea being trialed by Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.  They will allow passengers to stay […]

Jul 082010
Security Roundup week ending 9 July 2010

This Week’s Security Horror Story :  What do these people all have in common?  A disabled Marine veteran and US citizen in Egypt.  A U.S. Army veteran and US citizen in Colombia.  A US Air Force veteran and US citizen stranded in Europe?  A US citizen in Portland unable to visit Dubai?  A Guinea native, granted US political asylum, […]

Jul 012010
Airline roundup week ending 2 July 2010

Mergers galore part 1 :  British Airways has now signed a merger deal with Iberia, subject only to ratification by both airline’s boards of directors, something that is 99.9% assured. Mergers galore part 2 :  Alitalia has said it will join with Delta and Air France/KLM in their joint venture to jointly set fares, plan routes and share revenues […]

Jul 012010
Miscellaneous Roundup week ending 2 July 2010

There’s some potentially good news for ship preservationists and for this country’s maritime history.  The passenger liner SS United States, which had been threatened with sold for scrap by its present owners, NCL, may now be saved.  NCL has agreed to sell the liner to a preservation group for $3 million, a very fair and generous move on NCL’s part […]

Jul 012010
Security Roundup week ending 2 July 2010

This Week’s Security Horror Story :   The TSA tells us that now they have taken over passenger screening, and now they know our dates of birth and genders, there will be fewer mix-ups with passengers being confused with terrorists and placed on the no-fly list.  The TSA also tells us that if such mix-ups do occur, they now have […]

May 272010

The House of Representatives Judicial Committee is on the job, busy protecting our interests when it comes to evaluating the merger between United and Continental.  Unfortunately, it seems that they cannot comprehend much beyond the simple black-and-white issues of whether or not the merged airline would result in job losses or hub closures.  As this article reports, it seems no […]

May 262010
It must be someone else's fault!

You may recall the spectacular crash of an Air France Concorde at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris back in 2000. This tragic event can also be considered as the catalyst that caused the entire Concorde fleet to be withdrawn from service in October 2003. The crash was 10 years ago, but the legal arguments are still proceeding. […]

May 252010
2010 World's Best Airline Awards

In an annual lovefest that encourages the notion that airlines are wonderful entities, offering their passengers enjoyable travel experiences, Skytrax have now announced the results of their 2010 World Airline Awards, with South Korean based Asiana Airlines (pictured here) scoring first place. Strangely, there are no mentions of bad airlines, or listings of the world’s worst airlines.  About the closest […]

May 252010
Survey :  15% have had sex while driving

Leading Bluetooth headset manufacturer Jabra has just released the results of a survey about what we all do when we’re driving – other than keeping both hands on the wheel and concentrating on the road ahead, that is. 72% of the 1800 people surveyed admitted to eating while driving.  35% said they had taken clothes off (or put clothes on). […]

May 102010

Here's an excellent 'flash' graphic http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/interactive/2010/may/10/volcanic-ash-cloud-iceland-flights that shows the effective top and bottom of the ash cloud and how it has moved over the last day or so.  It's unusual shape is of course the result of winds changing from time to time and from region to region. Definitely worth looking at if you are […]