Aug 112010
Worldwide Hotel Rates and Trends

 The British Hogg Robinson Group has just published their latest survey findings about hotel rates around the world, covering the first half of 2010. The survey spans 50 different cities. The most expensive city for hotels?  Moscow, for the sixth year in a row, even though hotel prices have fallen 12% (in rouble terms) over the last year.  Last […]

Aug 062010

One of the interesting claims made by airlines when they were regulated was that they couldn’t operate their services effectively with more than about a 55% load factor, for fear of having occasional full flights and having to therefore – gasp – turn down someone who wanted to buy a ticket on that flight. Well, that was then.  […]

Jul 222010
Weekly Roundup Friday 23 July 2010

 Wow.  What a roller-coaster ride of a week it was.  The conversion to the new newsletter format ended up with us losing 2,000 readers.  Surprisingly, most of these losses came from people who presumably didn't recognize the new format and simply reported it to their email service as being spam.  Some people have a very […]

Jul 222010
Dinosaur Watching Roundup Friday 23 July 2010

 It is boom time for the airlines again.  Rather like the biblical times with periods of feast alternating with periods of famine, even the tight economic times at present are not interfering with a roaring return to profitability by the major US carriers. The Air Transportation Association reported domestic passenger revenue rose some 25% in […]

Jul 152010
Boeing Predicts Boom Times Ahead

 Boeing is predicting a market for 30,900 sales of commercial airplanes and freighters over the next 20 years, representing sales worth $3.6 trillion. Its Current Market Outlook, published every year for the last 46 years, was released in London today and predicts annual growth of 5.3% in passenger traffic (compared to a predicted growth of […]

Jul 082010
Airline roundup week ending 9 July 2010

It seems to have been a very good June for many airlines.   Delta reported a 4.2% increase in passenger traffic.  Air Canada had a remarkable 15% increase in passenger traffic.  Westjet enjoyed a similar increase.  AirTran had a 5% increase in passengers, and both US Airways and American Airlines also had slight increases. US Airways had about a […]