Apr 052012
Weekly Roundup Friday 6 April 2012

Good morning It is a strange and semi-random process, deciding what to write about.  I started off Thursday this week with some half written materials for publication today, and then during the morning, stumbled across a strange news item. At first it seemed worthy of a single short paragraph in today’s compilation of stories, but […]

Mar 092012
Weekly Roundup Friday 9 March 2012

Good morning I had mildly commented on the computer system changeover for UA/CO last weekend, and suggested you keep on top of any issues that might be arising.  I tried not to indulge in any greater fearmongering because I thought that surely this changeover would have been massively tested and trialed and would be routine […]

Mar 012012
Weekly Roundup Friday 2 March 2012

Good morning Sometimes I like to open these newsletters by mentioning an anniversary date that falls during the week.  This week, I’ll instead refer to the pending demise of another of the major names in US aviation history – Continental Airlines. Continental was formed in 1934, originally trading under the name of Varney Speed Lines, […]

Feb 162012
Weekly Roundup 17 February 2012

Good morning There are a couple of great additional articles this week; one where I gratuitously point out not just one but two ways that new airlines could be formed and viably operated, and the other where I bemoan this administration’s eagerness to disarm our pilots due to air travel now being sufficiently safe as […]

Feb 032012
Weekly Roundup Friday 3 February 2012

Good morning Travel has understandably been on my mind this week.  Our September North Korea tour had three more people join – at this rate it will soon be that one in every 50 foreigners visiting North Korea in 2012 will be Travel Insiders.  Amazing. Shall we try to make it one in every 40?  […]

Jan 262012
Weekly Roundup, Friday 27 January 2012

Good morning I spent last week in and around Las Vegas. I’d quickly booked a ‘generic’ hotel on the strip for my stay, choosing based on convenient location (close to a monorail station) and price, and it was only as I was walking through the casino to their lobby that I started to get a […]

May 272010

After a slow year last year (and lots of great value bargains) it seems that river cruising in Europe is booming once more.  Most of the river cruise companies are reporting strong bookings and many cruises are already sold out for 2010, and the companies have started offering their 2011 cruises earlier than normal. In addition, most of the […]