Dec 282012
Weekly Roundup Friday 28 December 2012

Good morning I hope your Christmas was all that you wished it to be, and that most of the gifts you received were items you wished for.  Here’s an interesting graphic that shows about 8% of all Christmas gifts are returned to the stores each year. Here’s a related interesting article about the returning goods […]

Oct 262012
Weekly Roundup Friday 26 October 2012

Good morning Another busy week, with Apple now officially announcing both the widely anticipated iPad mini – a device that is getting mixed reviews, and also surprising with a new iPad too, albeit only with minor tweaks compared to the predecessor model series. Plus today (Friday) sees the ultimate non-event – the first ‘crippled’ version […]

Oct 122012
Weekly Roundup Friday 12 October 2012

Good morning Was the newsletter hacked by the Koreans last week?  And if so, would it have been the North or South Koreans who did the hacking?  Whatever the reason, a strange error crept into the two links I provided last week to the first part of this year’s tour diary and to details of […]

Oct 052012
Weekly Roundup Friday 5 October 2012

Good morning Our wonderful – and wonderful value – 2012 Christmas Markets cruise, announced last Friday, has of course met with a positive response.  We’ve one couple signed up already (they’ve been river cruising with me before) and two other couples and one individual (also past Travel Insider tour members) are hoping to confirm their […]

Aug 232012
Weekly Roundup Friday 24 August 2012

Good morning Thanks for the various suggestions on hard drive backup/recovery strategies.  I’ve been tied up with, ahem, completing the recovery of my hard drive, so haven’t replied to them all yet, but will try and catch up some more this coming week.  And then, next week, I’m off with 35 readers to South and […]

Aug 032012
Weekly Roundup Friday 3 August 2012

Good morning The Olympics are now in full swing in London.  Well, although the swing might be full (whatever that actually means) there are two things that are decidedly not full.  The Olympic stadiums, and London in general. Look at the pictures in this article (which also contains the interesting fact that arrested ticket touts […]

Jul 202012
Weekly Roundup Friday 20 July 2012

Good morning It is now a mere one week until the start of the 2012 Olympics.  Last week I featured an article ‘London’s Olympic Sized Mess’ which chronicled many of the problems surrounding the staging of this event. I’d thought that would be the end of it, and had hoped the run-up until their opening […]

Jun 082012
Weekly Roundup Friday 8 June 2012

Good morning I hope you got to see some of the pomp, pageantry and circumstance of Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee this last weekend, which was a special four day holiday in the United Kingdom.  It is an honor to be one of her subjects; long may she reign. As the associated graphic hints, we […]

May 172012
Weekly Roundup Friday 18 May 2012

Good morning We’ve an interesting mix of stories this week, and a couple of other articles added to the main week’s newsletter, too. Good news for most of us with the countdown to next weekend’s Memorial Day travelfest – gas prices are dropping across most of the country – well, most places except here in […]

May 112012
Weekly Roundup Friday 11 May 2012

Good morning Happy 75th birthday to the Golden Gate Bridge, which opened in May 1937. It has become one of the world’s most instantly recognizable bridges, and is approaching its two billionth vehicle crossing sometime very soon. Although having the longest span in the world when built, it lost that title in 1964 to the […]

May 032012
Weekly Roundup Friday 4 May 2012

Good morning I had another burst of intense self doubt earlier this week.  Are airlines really as stupid as I say they are?  Or am I missing something so thunderingly obvious as to imply I’m even more stupid than I suggest the airlines sometimes are? This was triggered by the confirmation that Delta is indeed […]