Mar 282013
Weekly Roundup Friday 29 March 2013

Good morning Today is day 73 of the 787 grounding.  Boeing conducted a test flight this week, and being as how the short two hour flight saw the plane safely return back to Paine Field in Everett, I guess Boeing considers everything to be a brilliant and confirmed, proven success. Of course, more comments on […]

Mar 142013
Weekly Roundup Friday 15 March 2013

Good morning Today is day 59 of the 787 grounding.  But this week saw the FAA give Boeing approval to proceed to test and confirm the validity of its ‘fire box’ fix; assuming nothing untoward is uncovered in what I’m sure will be testing at least as rigorous as that initially conducted prior to the […]

Mar 072013
Weekly Roundup Friday 8 March 2013

Good morning Happy International Women’s Day to all readers of the fairer gender.  It is surprising that American retailers haven’t made this another event that mandates men spending massive sums on cards, gifts, flowers and chocolates for the women in our lives. Another week with the 787 on the ground (today is day 52 of […]

Mar 012013
Weekly Roundup Friday 1 March 2013

Good morning We are now on Day 45 of the Boeing 787 grounding, well past the 37 days the DC10 was grounded back in 1979.  There is of course much more the 787’s present status below. As I previously mentioned, dealings in central Asia kept me out of contact last week, and while I was […]

Feb 142013
Weekly Roundup Friday 15 February 2013

Good morning We are now on Day 31 of the Boeing 787 grounding, with most of the media starting to lose interest in the subject, and little now visibly happening.  But we’ve got an update for you below, and also feature the startling – very startling – results of last week’s reader survey about if […]

Feb 012013
Weekly Roundup Friday 1 February 2013

Good morning We are now into the third week of the 787 grounding. At the same time more and more information comes to light about how poorly designed and implemented the battery system was in the 787, Boeing seems to remain in a stronger and stronger state of denial, and is more focused on getting […]

Jan 182013
Weekly Roundup Friday 18 January 2013

Good morning I’ve been wanting to write an article all week about the ongoing problems with the 787, but the truth has been changing daily, and it was only the announcement late Wednesday that the FAA had finally taken the extreme step of grounding all 787s that the story froze into place.  Almost 3,000 words […]

Jan 112013
Weekly Roundup Friday 11 January 2013

Good morning Computer challenges saw us silent last week.  We switched blog hosting services as our own Christmas present to ourselves, migrating from GoDaddy to In Motion Hosting.  The reason for this was that In Motion Hosting serves pages a full second or more faster than does GoDaddy, making the blog seem much more responsive […]