Jul 172014
Weekly Roundup, Friday 18 July, 2014

Good morning As I write this late on Thursday, the news is full of the Malaysia Airlines crashed 777 – not the mysterious MH370 of almost five months ago, but instead, MH17, a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, which crashed over eastern Ukraine, with all 298 passengers and crew believed dead.  Here’s an interesting […]

Mar 142014
Weekly Roundup Friday 14 March 2014

Good morning There are times when I am thankful that I don’t have to publish a daily newsletter, and I’ve been particularly feeling that this last week. Ever since the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines plane last Friday morning (our time), other writers, less fortunate than me, have been heeding their need to publish, and […]

Mar 072014
Weekly Roundup Friday 7 March 2014

Good morning More weather problems this last week.  Has this been the worst winter, ever, for weather disruptions?  It sure seems so, and of course begs the question – why aren’t modern-day airports and airplanes and air navigation systems better able to more robustly handle bad weather? But, enough of that question.  It has been […]

Jan 102014
Weekly Roundup Friday 10 January 2014

Good morning I do hope the cold weather hasn’t affected your week too severely, and that yours weren’t among the 13,000+ flights cancelled during the earlier part of the week. There’s a sad inevitability to these winter weather travel disruptions.  The sadness is that in largest part they are preventable.  More robust snow management systems […]

Dec 202013
Weekly Roundup Friday 20 December 2013

Good morning Apologies for being silent for several weeks.  A flurry of combined activity with the Christmas Cruise and other matters saw me silent for several weeks, but I’m now back again and as penance will offer a newsletter next week in the quiet between Christmas (golly – Christmas already!) and New Year (where did […]

Nov 212013
Sneak Preview :  2014 Christmas Markets Cruise

Yes, we’ve not yet even started the 2013 Christmas Market Cruise, and we already have dates for 2014 (and one couple has even joined the tour, too). The 2014 cruise promises to be different to our standard cruise, thereby offering some new experiences for repeat cruisers, while retaining the core essential experiences for first-time participants. […]

Oct 112013
Weekly Roundup Friday 11 October 2013

Good morning Happy birthday this week to the airline that claims to be the world’s oldest airline still trading under its original name. I refer of course to KLM.  It was founded on October 7, 1919, and operated its first flight on May 17, 1920, between Amsterdam and London’s Croydon airport.  During 1920, in total […]

Sep 272013
Weekly Roundup Friday 27 September 2013

Good morning I’ve been unable to think about much other than New Zealand this week. For me as a Kiwi, the drama being played out on San Francisco Bay this week was reaching unbearable levels (and you thought the build up to the final episode of Breaking Bad was tough!), climaxing on Wednesday, when Oracle […]

Aug 082013
Weekly Roundup Friday 9 August 2013

Good morning We seem to now be firmly ensconced in the ‘dog days’ of summer (a term originally derived from the time when the ‘dog star’ Sirius is prominent in the sky, 24 July – 24 August), and it is great to have a series of lovely warm days unfolding, each after the other. Talking […]

Apr 052013
Weekly Roundup Friday 5 April 2013

Good morning Today is day 80 of the 787 grounding.  Will we get to 100 days?  Boeing has become strangely coy on when it expects the plane to return to service, although it seems likely this will happen sooner rather than later.  We have clues about the confidence Boeing quietly is now exuding, due to […]