Jan 042018
US Electric Car Sales for December, 2017, and 2018

December results are out (for example, see this excellent tabulation), and unsurprisingly, the car with the most sales in the US for 2017 was the Tesla Model S, with a total of 27,060 cars sold.  But, Tesla’s typical self-congratulatory attitude needs to be slightly tempered.  The 27,060 vehicles sold in 2017 compares to 28,896 units […]

Dec 212017
Weekly Roundup, Friday 22 December, 2017

Good morning I returned back from this year’s Christmas Markets cruise Thursday afternoon, and the attendant jetlag has reduced my creativity close to zero for a day or two (perhaps I should try the Queen’s reputed jetlag remedy).  But with this being the last opportunity to pass the compliments of the season to you, it […]

Dec 072017
Weekly Roundup, Friday 8 December, 2017

Good morning As is always the case, a typical rush to get ready for the 2017 Travel Insider Christmas Cruise saw some projects failed to complete.  But I don’t feel too abjectly guilty at not completing the external battery pack project though, because I have been nonstop continuing to test batteries all the last week. […]

Nov 232017
Weekly Roundup, Friday 24 November, 2017

Good morning <Insert traditional comment of your choice about Thanksgiving eating excesses here!> I hope you too enjoyed Thanksgiving, which felt very much like a holiday for me this year.  Having Anna at home on Wednesday (her school came up with a coincidental reason why there should be no school on Wednesday either) broke up […]

Nov 172017
Weekly Roundup, Friday 17 November, 2017

Good morning It has been an interesting week, with a major development in terms of the future of the A380, but not the development generally anticipated last week. I’ve been quietly busy this week, and have three feature articles to offer, in addition to the roundup.  One of these arose out of last week’s article […]

Nov 152017
The False Promise of Fuel-Cell Vehicles

These days, Toyota is the best known auto maker promoting fuel cell vehicles.  Yes, they are a very sensible and very successful company.  But even the most successful companies in the world are not always right on every product they develop/support; indeed, it could be said that the more successful the company, the more willing […]