May 202010
This Week's Airline Roundup

The last week has been a torrid time for airlines and their relationships with their employees. The BA cabin crew’s latest series of four strikes were due to start this week, but at the last minute, a legal eagle at BA had a bright idea and filed for an injunction preventing the cabin crew from striking, due to the […]

May 162010
Amazing airplane/safari-mobile

Here’s an amazing plane concept. If you have always wanted to go on an African Safari, or indeed to go to out of the way places anywhere, but have not liked the thought of roughing it, bouncing around in the back of a dry dusty hot Land Rover, why not sign up for one of these custom designed and […]

May 142010

While dinosaurs shrink, other airlines survive and thrive.  Possibly the best example of this is Southwest.  This week they announced the addition of two more cities to their network – Greenville/Spartanburg and Charleston, with flights to begin next year.  I was interviewed on this by the local Greenville newspaper, and I’m glad I had a chance to speak […]

May 142010

More numbers are coming out from the airlines about their April operating results.  As is often the case, we see starkly opposite trends from very different carriers. United Airlines reported a drop of 2.7% in its domestic passenger numbers (and another drop of 2.2% in its international traffic).  But, in the same month, JetBlue reported […]

May 122010
Amazing Airline Profitability

Emirates again defies ‘conventional wisdom’ about the difficulties confronting the world’s airlines and reports a huge $1.1 billion profit for its last financial year – making 2009 its best year ever.

May 112010

Bad news for people hoping to fly on BA services (primarily to/from Heathrow) any time between 18 May and 10 June. Now that the British election is over, its cabin crew union, Unite, has taken the gloves off and is back on the warpath.  They have announced a series of four strikes, each of five days duration, and with a […]

May 112010
Invisible seat mystery

Video of a guy apparently floating in mid-air as a way of promoting a new airline seat. So how did he do this?  (Video taken at Manchester airport).  If you really want to know the answer, read the comments on Youtube.   A more imponderable question is how this relates to flying in KLM’s ‘Economy […]

May 102010

I’ve mentioned before the delightful bit of scandal revealed to us in the form of a prosecution in the UK against four BA executives, charged with unlawfully colluding with Virgin Atlantic to fix fuel-surcharge prices. The case seemed to be soundly based, because Virgin voluntarily turned itself in and reported the price fixing to Britain’s Office of Fair Trading, in […]

May 102010
Supersonic Business Jets get closer to reality

Two companies – Gulfstream and Aerion – have announced new developments bringing them closer to a viable design for a supersonic business jet, although neither company has yet committed to developing and producing such a plane. There are several obstacles to be overcome in designing a viable supersonic jet.  Such a plane would need to be cost effective, and would […]