Jul 132010
Cramped airplane seating?  You ain't seen nothing yet!

An Italian airplane interior design company is proposing a new style of coach seating that would squash in 50% more passengers than the current already cramped airplane seating, what they call their SkyRider seat. Generally most coach class seats on most planes have a seat pitch of about 30″ – 32″.  Pitch means that the ‘repeat length’ – the distance […]

Jul 082010
Airline roundup week ending 9 July 2010

It seems to have been a very good June for many airlines.   Delta reported a 4.2% increase in passenger traffic.  Air Canada had a remarkable 15% increase in passenger traffic.  Westjet enjoyed a similar increase.  AirTran had a 5% increase in passengers, and both US Airways and American Airlines also had slight increases. US Airways had about a […]

Jul 082010
Virgin America Three-Peat Celebratory Sale - Only until 5pm Pacific Time today

To celebrate winning the accolade of ‘Best Domestic Airline’ in Travel + Leisure’s annual ‘World’s Best’ survey for the third time in a row, Virgin America is holding a very brief but very good sale that features the number 3 prominently in it. Like, for example, $33 each way (plus taxes) to travel between Los Angeles and San […]

Jul 062010
The Real Reason More People Don't Use Wi-Fi on Flights

The airlines are puzzled about why less than 10% of people who could use Wi-Fi on a flight actually choose to do so.  See this article for interesting background. Explanations offered range from ‘it is too expensive’ to ‘I want some quiet personal time’.  Neither answer is convincing.  Many of us think nothing about spending $10 to access Wi-Fi […]

Jul 012010
Airline roundup week ending 2 July 2010

Mergers galore part 1 :  British Airways has now signed a merger deal with Iberia, subject only to ratification by both airline’s boards of directors, something that is 99.9% assured. Mergers galore part 2 :  Alitalia has said it will join with Delta and Air France/KLM in their joint venture to jointly set fares, plan routes and share revenues […]

Jul 012010
Raunchy Russian Airline Ad - So Suggestive it is Funny

Yes, we all know that sex sells, but generally there is at least a very thin veneer of pretence to obscure the underlying sex sell concept.  However, there are occasional and notable exceptions…. Airlines have tried various types of suggestive advertising in the past, such as the famous ‘Fly Me’ campaign by National Airlines in the 1960s and Southwest Airlines’ […]

Jun 032010
Should Airlines Ban Peanuts?

The US Department of Transportation is considering banning the nuts from airplanes, or perhaps creating a peanut-free zone on planes, much like there used to be a no smoking area on planes.  Is this a good idea or a bad idea? How Prevalent are Peanut Allergies Various sources estimate the percentage of the US population […]

May 272010

The House of Representatives Judicial Committee is on the job, busy protecting our interests when it comes to evaluating the merger between United and Continental.  Unfortunately, it seems that they cannot comprehend much beyond the simple black-and-white issues of whether or not the merged airline would result in job losses or hub closures.  As this article reports, it seems no […]

May 262010
It must be someone else's fault!

You may recall the spectacular crash of an Air France Concorde at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris back in 2000. This tragic event can also be considered as the catalyst that caused the entire Concorde fleet to be withdrawn from service in October 2003. The crash was 10 years ago, but the legal arguments are still proceeding. […]

May 252010
2010 World's Best Airline Awards

In an annual lovefest that encourages the notion that airlines are wonderful entities, offering their passengers enjoyable travel experiences, Skytrax have now announced the results of their 2010 World Airline Awards, with South Korean based Asiana Airlines (pictured here) scoring first place. Strangely, there are no mentions of bad airlines, or listings of the world’s worst airlines.  About the closest […]