Balkan and Baltic Bucket List Tour Itinerary and Options

Our approximate tour path.
Our approximate tour path.

Our main tour runs 20 days from arriving in Ljubljana, Slovenia on day 1 to its end in Helsinki, Finland on day 20.

We visit 17 countries, take two overnight sleeper trains, and one ferry as part of our travels.  We see many amazing sights and sites, including 11 World Heritage Sites.

Wow!  You’ll travel largely through unexplored and undiscovered Europe, visiting countries and capitals that you’ve perhaps never even heard of before, but will be delighted to have now experienced.  In another ten or twenty years, all of these places will be as crowded and common as Paris and London – you can congratulate yourself on being one of the first to enjoy many of these cities, towns and villages.

Okay, so 20 days and 17 countries is a lot.  A heck of a lot!  So we have also made the tour available in three shorter section, and you can choose to take any one, two, or all three of these sections.

And if you wish some other variant of the tour, we can customize that too – feel free to simply tell us when/where you wish to join the tour and when/where you’ll leave it again.  In the past, we’ve even dropped people on the side of the road ‘in the middle of nowhere’ (at their request, we hasten to add!) because it worked with their schedule best.

And, there’s potentially even more, still!  We have suggested self-guided pre and post tour options that primarily use rail as a means of travel – a pre-tour option that adds Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Italy to your tour, and a post-tour option that adds Sweden, Norway and Denmark to your tour.

Click the link to take you directly to the sections you wish to view :

Full 20 Day 17 country Tour from Ljubljana, Slovenia to Helsinki, Finland

Tour Section 1 – 10 days 9 countries from Ljubljana, Slovenia to Belgrade, Serbia
(Days 1 – 10 of the linked full itinerary above)

Tour Section 2 – 7 days 4 countries from Belgrade, Serbia to Kyiv, Ukraine
(Days 8 – 14 of the linked full itinerary above)

Tour Section 3 – 8 days 6 countries from Kyiv, Ukraine to Helsinki, Finland
(Days 14 – 20 of the linked full itinerary above)


Pre and Post Tour Options

We can suggest to you a pre-tour option through Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Italy, and a post-tour option through Sweden, Norway and Denmark.  Hey – did we just add another six countries to your total!  🙂




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