2021 Danube Christmas Markets Cruise & Tour

Come visit the glorious European Christmas Markets, in gorgeous settings, and with a great group of fellow Travel Insiders, this December.

It’s back!  Our Christmas Markets tours and cruises are the most popular of all the different tours we offer you, and for good reason.

To celebrate our ability to start traveling again, after too long stuck at home, we’ve made this year’s tour even better than ever before, with a new river cruise itinerary, plus new combinations of pre and post cruise optional extensions.

The red shows the optional pre and post cruise extensions, the blue shows the river cruise.

You can join this tour either in Prague or Budapest during our pre-cruise extensions, or if time is short or the dates don’t work, come straight to the ship in Vienna on Saturday 11 December.  The cruise ends in Nuremberg on Saturday 18 December, and you can of course continue with us on our post cruise extension, via Liechtenstein, to Zurich, returning home perhaps on 20 December.  That’s still in time to wrap all the gifts you’ve surely purchased while enjoying the Christmas Markets and all the amazing gift and shopping opportunities they offer.

Enjoy fine dining choices onboard Amacerto.

The main cruise portion is on Amawaterways’ Amacerto, one of their extra-large-cabin style ships, with the usual generous abundance of inclusions.

Prices start at $3198 per person, depending on your cabin choice.  Full details are here, and a lovely day by day itinerary shows you what to expect and enjoy, here.

We expect some people will be back for their second or even third Christmas cruise and tour with us.

The Christmas spirit and tradition fills the ship, too.

Whether it is your first, second, third, or even fourth time, you’re sure to love the itinerary, the experiences and places, and the great group of Travel Insiders you get to share it all with, while simultaneously avoiding the worst of the crazy pre-Christmas rush/crush back home.

We hope to see you in Prague, Budapest, or Vienna!

Come and join us on this lovely pre-Christmas experience in December.

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