My “Virus Book” Now Available on Amazon

At long last, after many months of research, writing, and then endless seeming revising and updating, my book on the coronavirus pandemic is now on sale on Amazon.

The Kindle eBook edition is now live on Amazon’s site.  I’ve priced it low to start – US$4.95, and similar amounts in other currencies on other Kindle sites such as .uk, .ca, .au, and so on.  That way you can grab a copy at a special Travel Insider price.

This gives you a detailed and comprehensive coverage of every part of the topic.

The print edition runs 477 pages and is priced at $19.95, and is also available now on Amazon, and will be available to order through regular bookstores probably early/mid January..

While much of the content echoes what has been covered in the 160 articles I’ve written on the virus this year, it is more logically ordered, rather than a series of disjoint paragraphs over the 160 different articles.  It has four major parts to it :

  • Public Health and Policy
  • About the Virus
  • Avoiding the Virus
  • Treating the Virus

Within those four parts are 17 chapters, 69 tables and charts, 650 links to sources, and 780 footnotes.  Although I’ve tried to write to a scholarly standard, it is written in the same clear and non-technical style that I always write in, because it is designed for “real people” like you to read and benefit from.

Not to boast, but the book has some truly essential and invaluable information within it, especially in the third and fourth parts.  Some of the information can materially reduce your risk of becoming infected, and improve your chances of surviving an infection if you do get infected.  That’s got to be worth a lot more than $4.95!

It is already proving popular.

I hope you might find it interesting, and – most of all – helpful.  Available here.

3 thoughts on “My “Virus Book” Now Available on Amazon”

  1. Thank you…will definitely purchase both issues, hopefully can find them on Amazon in a few minutes…has been very educational for me to read a long as you’ve written this book.
    Jo Ann

    1. Thank you, Jo Ann. I hope you enjoy the book, and are able to benefit from some of its recommendations.

      You know where to find me if you’ve any questions (or, horror, if you should spot any typos!). :-)

  2. David has really done a fantastic job with this book. I can’t remember when I have seen such complex issues handled with such a readable but detailed approach. I believe, without overstating it, that this information can save lives.

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