Covid-19 Diary : Saturday 30 May, 2020


A power cut at lunchtime lasted 12 hours (originally promised to be only two hours) and so I was unable to send out a normal diary entry for Saturday.  Although there have been some riots in downtown Seattle, the power cut was due to “equipment failure”, possibly arising from a spectacular thunderstorm that had the skies forebodingly dark even in the otherwise should-have-been noonday sun.

But I wanted to preserve the daily data series so am recreating Saturday’s numbers now. Everything else will appear on Sunday.

Small Country
Case Rate

Large Country
Case Rate

Large Country
Death Rate

(The World Average)77379147.047.6
San Marino
19,779Spain  6,110Spain  6,124Belgium 814Belgium816
Qatar  19,211USA5,421USA5,492Spain580Spain580
Vatican City
14,981Belgium  5,012Belgium  5,022UK562UK566
Bahrain6,365UK3,997UK4,021Sweden 431Sweden435
Singapore5,878Portugal3,132Portugal3,157Ecuador 189Ecuador189

Bahrain moved ahead of Mayotte – Mayotte reported no cases on Saturday. We’ve noticed sometimes Mayotte reports no cases for a day, but we think that is perhaps because the relevant department is closed. 🙂

More tomorrow, power willing.



1 thought on “Covid-19 Diary : Saturday 30 May, 2020”

  1. Here’s hoping there’s power tomorrow!

    I’m finding the lack of last week’s numbers makes the data less interesting — the day over day change is small and subject to daily variation that makes any trend somewhat visible.

    Since you already will sometimes add a 2nd row for an entry (to indicate unchanged) maybe put under today’s data the % change from last week.

    Just a thought!

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