Classical Music to Beat the Coronavirus


All types of at-home entertainment are being experienced much more than normal at present.  Both music and video streaming is way up, and regular browsing of regular websites is reportedly up too.

This is understandable for people who have had their lifestyles and routines interrupted, and suddenly find themselves with spare time to fill at home.  For such people, may we encourage you to extend yourself a bit and consider classical music as a life-enrichening new activity to enjoy.

There’s another reason why classical music is appropriate for these times.  Studies have suggested that enjoying music not only calms you, but can also strengthen your immune system.

Now, we know that classical music is not for everyone, but we also know it could be for everyone.  It was popular when written, and could be popular today too.  But it is a learned appreciation, and takes time and application to develop.

So with this in mind we’ve written a couple of introductory articles about classical music to help you become carefully and cautiously acquainted with it, and are building up a list of suggested listening pieces – music which is approachable and easy to enjoy; great stepping stones on what we hope will become an extended journey into what is surely one of mankind’s most profound expressions of creativity.

So, please see

How to Appreciate and Enjoy Classical Music

The Different Types of Classical Music

Recommended Pieces of Classical Music

Currently there are 26 entries in the table of recommended music.  We’ll add more as time allows.

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