A Quick Bonus

As you can see, even though we’re starting to run out of remaining countries, there’s not yet any let-up in the rate of new countries suffering Covid-19 infections.

Good morning

A quick note to advise you I’m starting a new and perhaps daily feature for the next little while, a diary on Covid-19 developments.

I thought it might be interesting to formally keep a record both of how our world is changing so drastically, from day to day, and also the thoughts and feelings and fears of us all as we go through this process and wonder about our future.

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If you get the weekly newsletter, you’ll get all entries each Friday morning.  You’re welcome to add the immediate or daily versions, or to join the Twitter feed as well.

To receive other versions of the newsletter, click the Preferences option on the bottom line of this mailing, then select the All Available option, and check either the express or daily version, or both if you prefer.  You can sign up for as many different versions as you wish, it is all free.  Here’s a screen capture showing you what I mean by the Preferences option.  Hopefully it looks sort of similar at the bottom of this email.  :)

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Here’s the Monday diary entry, immediately below.  I don’t think future entries will be as long!

Ask if any questions, and please, feel very welcome to add your comments and thoughts to the diary entries (on the website version of each entry, of course).

Please click here for a listing of all our Covid-19 articles.

Until Friday, stay happy and healthy





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