New Zealand Southern Lights Tour – Aurora Australis Adventure

The Aurora Australis in the air over Queenstown, New Zealand.

Everyone knows the Northern Lights – the Aurora Borealis.  But did you know there is a southern “twin” that is not so well known – the Southern Lights or Aurora Australis?  The process that makes the Northern Lights simultaneously makes an almost identical display centered around the South Magnetic Pole.  See, for example, this video.

Even better, the Southern Lights can be seen from New Zealand, making for an ideal “two for the price of one” travel experience – see some of the best of New Zealand’s South Island during the days, and hopefully see the Southern Lights on at least one of the nights, too.  New Zealand is closer to the Southern Lights than Iceland is to the Northern Lights, and the skies are generally clearer with fewer clouds, adding further to the reasons why you should go to NZ to see the Southern Lights instead of (or as well as) to Iceland for the Northern Lights.

We’ve put together a ten day tour next March, at the time of year when the auroral activity might be the strongest, and when the moon is waning and close to a “new” state, for best aurora visibility.  With a great pre-tour option in the North Island, and a lovely post-tour option allowing you to experience one, two, or all three of New Zealand’s world famous scenic train journeys, this is a brilliant tour, even without the lights as a hoped-for bonus.

Please visit the main tour page for full details, and the day-by-day itinerary page for a breakdown of where you go and what you do each day.

We hope to see you, in New Zealand, next March.

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